Tuesday, November 3, 2009

saying goodbye part deux

okay, here is my list (with particular people ones omitted):

  1. Goodbye 'not good enoughs'.
  2. Goodbye being dirty when its so easy to take a shower.
  3. Goodbye "friends" who aren't really friends.
  4. Goodbye drinking alcohol as an escape.
  5. Goodbye secret eating.
  6. Goodbye guilt.
  7. Goodbye irresponsibility with medication.
  8. Goodbye choosing sorrow over joy.
  9. Goodbye wasted moments.
  10. Goodbye vending machine snacks that leave me disappointed.
  11. Goodbye trans-fats.
  12. Goodbye dirty stale sheets.
  13. Goodbye mindless internet spending.
  14. Goodbye disorganization.
  15. Goodbye favorite brown dress that that girl stole off my clothes line. :(
  16. Goodbye procrastination.
  17. Goodbye lethargy.
  18. Goodbye jealousy.
  19. Goodbye middle class hoarding mentality.
  20. Goodbye dirty kleenexes in my book bag.
  21. Goodbye unfinished books.
  22. Goodbye unread/untouched books on my bookshelf.
  23. Goodbye authority complex.
  24. Goodbye dumbing down for the comfort/approval of others.
  25. Goodbye binge eating.
  26. Goodbye clutter.
  27. Goodbye not speaking my mind when overhearing something disturbing. (like women/gay jokes etc)
  28. Goodbye fear of going to the doctor.
  29. Goodbye self-destructive tendencies.
  30. Goodbye grass-is-greener thinking patterns.
  31. Goodbye writing/thinking blocks.
  32. Goodbye self debilitation.
  33. Goodbye rotten vegetables and fruits in my refrigerator.

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